Thursday, November 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Perhaps you all heard the champagne cork pop last week? Yes, it's true. We are in the house. 5 months later and we finally got back to a decent bed.

Don't worry, the blog isn't going anywhere--there are still plenty of jobs to finish here (still no counter top from Portland--apparently the weather up there is different than Austin (??!!) and wacky counter-top man didn't adjust for the humidity the first time so he had to re-pour. Seriously.)

But here, for the collective sigh of relief, are some pictures of the house in all it's glory. And, as I promised Audrey and Henry we would be back in time to hand out Halloween candy from our proper house, are some shots of Disco Devil and her Clone Trooper.

Enjoy. I'm off to unpack some more boxes.
Check this beauty out. So far it's warmed up day-old hamburgers and brewed my coffee. But there are big plans in store....

A kitchen view with 2 of the three pendants hung. Problems with the 3rd one. Stay tuned...

View of the living room from the kitchen. For those of you who have been tuned in since the beginning, the dining room table takes up the spot that used to be the kitchen. Yup, that's right. My kitchen was the size of a table.

Tree Bomb! Fabulous wallpaper in the foyer.

Disco Devil and Clone Trooper. Do NOT mistake him with a Storm Trooper. They are very different...although I'm a bit fuzzy on how.

Rounding out a fabulous Halloween back at home. I think they have almost as much fun handing out the candy as getting it.