Sunday, August 2, 2009

In the blink of an eye

A bitter-sweet week.
First, the sweet. The roof is up! We have a proper addition.

Skylight? This was the view from inside the house before the new roof structure went up in the back. All those in Austin who appreciated the rain we had last Thursday can thank me for it. 3 months of no rain, and the 1 morning I had no roof, we got rain. Luckily Eric and the boys scrambled to get the roof deck on.

Max and Sid on the roof doing some lickedy-split work to beat the rain:

New addition with roof deck on. Post rain. Don't worry--I need to wash my car this week, so we should get a bit more rain...

This was a bit of a framing tour-de-force (not just beating the sudden rain storm). Initially our plans called for a shed roof. It would have looked fine, but suspicious eyes could have detected it was an addition. But my crack team of carpenters figured out a way to join apex of the new roof into the pre-existing one so it looks like it was built this way from the get-go. Go team!
Other progress this week included getting the electrical outlets, switches, recessed cans, etc. placed. Had many in-depth conversations pretending to come into the house with a bag full of groceries and wanted light switched to be in the correct spot. Here's what I think: architects and electricians rarely come home with a bag of groceries. They are in the right spot now. :)
And now for the bitter-sweet part. Monkey man Henry turned 5. Here's a picture from his 1st birthday party invitation--just a few months after we moved into the house:

And here he is, 4 years, one addition and one haircut later, my 5 year old at his birthday party. I SWEAR it was just yesterday he was getting his chubby legs into that chair!

On tap for next week:
Finish out electrical and get ready for that inspection. Plumber should be doing some stuff as well. Appliances should arrive tomorrow. We should be knocking down the old outside wall as well sometime this week (the one that is currently running down the middle of my new kitchen).
Stay tuned.

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