Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seriously...the WORST ever

So here's before pictures. As you can see: dark, narrow, scary. Four years ago when I walked in, I walked right out again. There was NO WAY I was buying a house with this kitchen. Four years...and 4 months...later, I'm finally getting out of the scary kitchen!

If I had a hammer

So, the kitchen wall would have been the very first thing to go...but I'll take the Pergo being ripped up. Tom--aka Builder--asked if I wanted to do anything with the Pergo. See it melt was my first thought.

But...finally...6 weeks of financing drama and the first hammer came down and the dumpster arrived. Check out current demo pictures. Stay tuned for pictures of the porta-potty.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Temporary digs

2 weeks and a few tears later, we're getting settled in the rental duplex. I finally got internet set up. Really--AT&T has problems. 2 weeks to get my internet set up. Ridiculous. But finally back up on the wireless.

Very funny part is that Bennett and I are collaborating just great on all pieces of the remodel--design, decisions, funding, joking about delays, agreeing that I'm a saint for managing the move on my own--but AT&T practically brought us to blows. At one point he stormed out and I inadvertantly locked him out (I SWEAR--the back door doesn't stay shut unless you lock it). He had to camp out on the floor of our old house for a short period of time. It was a low moment. I knew there would be challenges, but I didn't think the internet would be the culprit. I'm thinking shoddy workmanship, overly expensive refrigerators. but internet? By an established, multi-national company who is supposed to set up wires in their sleep? come on!

The rental kitchen is about the same as my "proper" house as we call it. Bedrooms bigger. More closets and 1/2 bath bigger. Sometimes we joke that we'll just stay here after the remodel is done. Very lucky to have found a place just down the street.

We are supposed to close on our funding on Friday....3 weeks late. Sigh. Then 3 days for waiting period. Then the porta-john and dumpster arrive. Hammers away! Could it really be almost here? sigh again.